Hi, I’m Genna.

My passion is helping companies in the cosmetics, personal care, and dermo-cosmetics industry get more leads, clicks, and conversions. Increasing your sales by bringing great products to life – by getting your creative solutions and newest innovations into the hands of formulators – is my job.

I achieve this with engaging and persuasive copywriting. It’s what I do.


How I help businesses grow…

Customers don’t buys because a website looks good,  it has a low minimum order quantity, or an email contains a great offer. People buy because they’re motivated by the message: The marketing copy.

Essentially, your marketing copy is your brand, it’s your ambassador, and it’s your best sales person. Often, the words on your website, in your email, or on your sales page is the first “voice” a customer hears when checking out your products and services. And first impressions last.

So, it’s no wonder that improving your content can have such a dramatic impact on leads, clicks, and sales.

I help businesses do just that, through my copywriting.

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✉ genna.pinnick@gmail.com

☎ 972.628.0762

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